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      Quoting famous people is very easy, their words are recorded in a variety of mediums. They also get a massive amount of publicity for their thoughts which may or may not be heralded loud and long. Of course “the fourth estate” has much to do with their notoriety as well as the “almighty dollar.”

      Quoting “regular” folks is a little more interesting because what they have to say is equally as valuable, but they never seem to have a public relations force behind them when their thoughts become airborne. In the following instances the words did not fall on deaf ears, they just did not travel as far and wide as others;

      When asked about always portraying gangsters and cowboys in movies; “I’ll tell you this. We have been doing this since we were six years-old, but now we are getting payed for it.” - Matt C.

      When asked why he talks to himself; “I talk to myself, because I am looking for an intelligent answer.” - Joe H.

      Whenever asked a question he did not have an immediate answer; “Well, I believe it is hotter than it is green.” - Dr. David G.

      When describing a particular event involving a notorious female, the female is remembered as saying; “Come on, Jennie; let’s go upstairs and squeeze our lemons and go to bed!” - Ethyl J.

      When asked about the difference be between the army today versus the WWII army, “Just before we landed, I told them. If they have slanty eyes, shoot ‘em. It they don’t, wait ‘till they open their mouths and then shoot ‘em. And I’ll be damned if we all didn’t come home. - Leonard P.

      While training a new troupe of acting gunfighters, the instructed stated, “Work on accuracy. Speed, will come naturally.” - Jim R.

      When asked his opinion on any matter, his sometimes response would be; “On the other hand, there are four fingers and a thumb.” - Robert Earl J.

      An old house painter once commented about a spider in his way while rolling paint on the overhang of a house, “Well, lookie there. That bug must have wanted to be painted.” When questioned why he thought so, he replied, “He must have, ‘cause he didn’t move.” - Homer C.

      The wife of a veterinarian once explained, strictly, “We aren’t doctors. We aren’t rich. We are veterinarians. We work for a living.” - Dorothy C.

     “It’s not school I don’t like. It’s the principle (principal) of the thing.” - Elizabeth J.

     When questioned about his speed on a project, he responded; “If you don’t like this speed, you surely won’t like my other one.” - Joe H.

     “99.99 percent of the people in the world usually die within six months of their birthday." - Paul B.

      While driving home from a rather long day at work he commented that his wife would have dinner ready for him when he got home, “But, I am so tired I am going to have to have her chew my food for me.” - Joe H.

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