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     The Well project was created from remnants of a variety of previous projects.

      The intention was to have water in the front yard where none had been available before. The concept was to house and protect the hydrant, garden hose and a few implements. This the storage area underneath is accessed through the small door on the back side of the structure.

      The Well body is 4' X 4' square and 3' high the roof height is 8'. The upper shelf houses a small recirculating water fountain.

      A note about the storage space, it is the perfect hiding place for a six year-old female and her five year-old brother. Once snugly inside they closed the door and became locked in. However they were safe from all harm from exterior elements and they did have drinking water. A pad lock was used to discourage this from reoccurring and left in operation until they had gotten well into high school.

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