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Projects - The Shutters

     The Shutters were an extreme afterthought. The house had been constructed and had been lived in since 1892, without once having benefit of decorative windows shutters. Apparently, being the resident-male-species-husband-type-personage, I had thought wrong lo these many years.

     A quest was called upon to locate the perfect style shutter for the abode. So it was out the front door, down the street, around the corner to a house which looked nothing like ours, however, the structure sported wooden shutters of the “union steward’s” liking.

     A professor I once had made the bold statement in class that if we liked an idea we had heard or had seen, then his recommendation was not to copy it because we will screw it up, rather “Steal It!”

     So, in the interest of higher education I pilfered the idea, corrected the flaws and erected a set of shutters for four sets of windows surrounding the manse. All was once more amiable around the plantation...until the next idea raised it’s (pretty) head.

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