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     The Playhouse began as a simplistic “A-Frame” project for the children and like most other undertakings took on a life of it’s own.

     As the children watched television and videoed movies, they would visualize wonderful things that other folks had and wanted to know if “we” could have “one of those” too.

     I recall the plans for the original playhouse called for a “Dutch” style storm door. After inquiring about the cost of such a customized built item from the local lumberyard, I decided the $285.00 could be better spent on something else. Since I had pieces of lumber left over, I created the wooden “Dutch Door” and the children were never disappointed.

     An example of the ongoing enlargements to the original building is “The Ship” section which allowed the children to sail around the four corners of the earth on the Seven Seas. You will note the Captain’s wheel, four legged stool and a ship’s masthead in the shape of “Littlefoot” from “The Land Before Time ...” series of cartoons.

     Then came a working elevator and crow’s nest at the back. These two ideas come from Disney’s “Swiss Family Robinson” (1960).

     The basketball goal was implemented as the kids became more and more interested in the “Wide World of Sports”.

     The “Trading Post” was an addition to add some cover and shade from the sun for a five foot by five foot sand box painted with Disney “Tinker Bell” colors. It also added seclusion during renegade Indian attacks, marauding outlaws and predatory dinosaurs. The windows were fashioned to match the ones in the motion picture “The Sound of Music” since “Maria” opened windows outwardly to sing.

     The covered slide was added because sliding down through a tunnel is apparently more exciting than sliding in average, everyday, run-of-the-mill fresh open air.

     Thankfully the children have grown to the point that the building now remains solid for the next adventures of the grandchildren, because I was running out of backyard acreage.

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