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Pallet Furniture

Now the Pallet Furniture is living happily ever after (or until graduation) in a college dorm room.

     The Pallet Furniture project began as one in jest. My darling college daughter asked if I could build such an arrangement. I of course said, “Yes, I could.” However I wondered what was the point in having “furniture” made from old pallets or “skids” as they are known here in Texas. Of course I also wondered why would anyone want to possess “furniture” made from old wooden pallets. Then it occurred to me, back in the days of college and a little beyond, the chic thing to own was a dining room table which consisted of nothing more than a round utility company cable spool. If you were expecting company you would simply drape it with a sheet to add class. If one was so lucky, smaller spools were used as chairs and thus the living room/diningroom was completely furnished with no dollars expended just a little muscle to get the pieces upstairs in the apartment. I was never lucky enough to live on the ground floor.

     After having studied and read more than I need to know about pallet “furniture” I came up with an idea which seems to please the most discriminating of college sophomores. There are three of these females, by the way, sharing a dorm room for the next semester.

     The individual and portable pieces you see here are 40" wide, 36" deep and seven inches tall. Three of the pieces have detachable backs and an extra 36" wide back to make a corner, if so desired. All of these backs can be safely and easily installed with six 2-1/2" screws. We are talking about three 20 year old females set loose with an electric screwdriver in a college dorm room where physical damages to the walls, floors and ceilings are underwritten only by the fathers of the three female sophomores.

     The backs can be affixed to any 40" side of any piece, front or back. There is no concern about the number of screw holes or the placement of the screw holes since those holes will only add character to the “furniture”. Therefore the backs can be removed and replaced, removed and replaced, removed and get the idea. Again I am counting on the female brain to change it’s direction at every opportunity...and then some.

     The “end table” is made from pallet remnants (scraps) and has a top which measure 24" square and stands 20-3/4" tall. It is the perfect addition to make this “sectional furniture” say “Hello. Come in, sit on me, kick your shoes off, stay a while and enjoy yourselves.”

     Remember, this was built with love for my darling college daughter and her roommates. I can only hope their tastes in “furniture” improves with their age and their education.

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