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     The Outhouse project began out of personal necessity. If I was going to continue to be asked back to the deer lease by an acquaintance, then something had to be done.

     The only outdoor facilities were three sheets of metal roofing standing vertically about eight feet tall to form a horseshoe configuration. Within the three walled open air confines was the small white port-a-potty chair. Hanging on a thin rickety tree branch was the toilet paper.

     Everything was okay until the morning we awoke to 25 degree cold air and winds which made the wind chill somewhere in the teens.

     It was not so bad sitting there in the dark with the hand held flashlight, but when the wind blew and rattled the tin walls, which were not actually attached to anything or each other, the situation was a little nervous and serious. So there I was with the wind "blowing up my skirt" attempting to ward off whatever imaginary entities were banging against the sides of the makeshift lean-to and I knew I had to have a better idea.

     This particular outhouse is 4' x 4' with an 8' sloping metal roof (down to 7' in the back). It has an electric outlet which can be attached to any extension cord and supply the 16 square foot enclosure with power for an electric heater, a television or radio. The interior is illuminated with an overhead pull chain ceramic light fixture. The lamp holder will accommodate either a standard light bulb or a screw-in type heat lamp. The toilet paper is hanging from it’s own secured deer antler.

     The decoration on the front door is in memory of the five point buck which was the only saving grace to that particular January’s morning after my “bear” adventure in the woods.

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