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     The Garage had it’s days numbered. It had been around since the 1930s and saw an assortment of vehicles, even a 1949 something-or-other, not to forget the more contemporary vehicles which drove in and out from time to time until the cars outgrew the building.

     Originally I believe the building was suppose to have been 18' deep and 12' wide. Attempting calculate this was somewhat of a mystery since the back posts were six inches wider than the front pillars and the north side was six inches longer than the south side. The floor was gravel and sloped about six inches from the front to the back. The rule of thumb here must have been the “six-inch” latitude rule. It should be no wonder the doors appeared stressed, overworked and under loved.

     Before anything else decided to free fall from the interior onto another unsuspecting head the building was razed. A concrete slab was poured and the new structure was erected.

     Today the building is firmly secured to the earth and has not shifted six inches in any direction.

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