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End Tables

     The End Tables were built out of necessity because when older children relocate from one abode to another there are always things which seem to either get lost, get broken or simply need to be acquired. In this case the End Tables were that something which needed to be had. Thus, they were requested, but the construction design was something of a different nature.

     The first idea was to have them made of pallet materials and of course the materials would be voluntarily and enthusiastically donated by the new homebodies. However, after a brief explanation of what pallet lumber actually is, i.e., soaked with oils, fluids, chemicals and is usually somewhat inhabited by a variety of creepy crawly insect type residents, it was quickly decided to try a different approach. Once in a while, even adult children do listen to parents if the painted picture is nauseating enough.

     Having taken all of this into mind the next part of the project was to locate a wooden material which would be much more conducive to interior residential use. Easy enough! Letís bring inside some wood wooden fence material from the outside, coupled with a few pieces of discarded white pine remnants from a previous project.

     The specific measurements had to be exactly 28" tall, 18" wide and 12" deep with a lower exposed shelf, if possible. Being the exactness of fencing materials is a thing of the past I did the best I could with that of which I had to work. The finished products were close enough and at 30 paces, no one will ever know the difference, except they will remain outside looking in through the window if they want to criticize any more.

     The end result is what you see here. Since the fence material was on its way to the local landfill and the pieces of white pine were destined for the burn barrel the total cost, including glue and nails was somewhere in the neighborhood of $7.25 total for the pair or $3.625 each. Tainít bad McGee!

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