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     The Damn Room was a project born out of constant reminding by the “union steward” who resides here at the plantation with me. Usually what she says goes and my opinions and ideas are cast somewhere into the vast void of the space/time continuum.

     “When are you going to build me that ‘damn storage room’?” seemed to be the screeching battle cry of eons. So I built “the damn room”.

     The structure is 24' wide and 12' deep with a small window in the center of the back wall and a set of 6' French style doors. Contained within are two ceiling fans, a multitude of electric outlets and on the outside are two porch lights. The square footage is 288 square feet and it took all of three days to fill it to capacity.

     Yes, to answer your next question, I am happy to have built the “damn room”. Things were quiet here for about a week and a half.

     In public, in general, we reference this building as “The Hen House”, but I shall always fondly recall it as “The Damn Room.”

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