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     The Back Porch began small and worked it’s way to what it is today. Actually, to get the back porch where it is currently, required enlarging the manse twice, but that is another story.

     The screened-in back porch measures 30' wide and 19' deep or 570 square feet. It has three 3' custom made screen doors and is framed in such a manner as to accommodate easy enclosing the entire area (570 square feet) should I need to relocate or someone else needs to be relocated. At the far outside end of the of this all wood structure is another area referred to as “The Veranda” which measures an additional 24' wide and 6' deep. There are six ceiling fans to circulate air and there is also electricity and water. By the way, all of the lumber is chemically treated therefore there is NO painting required.

     The back porch itself is actually larger than the original house structure which was built in 1892(?). The first building measured only 30' wide and 15' deep or a mere 450 square feet.

     The back porch has been home to many birthday parties, social gatherings and an assortment of events. Folks always seem to truly enjoy it many month out of the year.

     At one time there was a Sweet Gum tree which grew to an enormous size in the center of the porch and out through a special made opening in the roof. Actually the porch was built around the tree, because the tree happened to occupy a space where the porch was soon to be. That particular tree became the bane of the “union steward” and was quickly dubbed “The Damn Tree”. Thankfully after 10 + years of hearing about “the damn tree” a hard Texas drought killed it. However, the joke was on the “steward” it took another two years to finally curl up and die. I miss that tree.

     As the children grew they had fantasies like any child and becoming a cowboy was one. “Tony” (the pony) is the only "living" resident on the back porch and has been here through assorted children and grandchildren, but he is actually about 65 years old. Currently the grandchildren now ride him into battle against Indians, cowboys, bank robbers, outlaws, dragons and dinosaurs. “Tony” never gets tired and has yet to loose a single battle.

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