The Day Coffeyville Bled - The Dalton/Johnson Gang

Dalton Outlaw Gang FAQ's

Q: Did the Dalton outlaw gang every bury and recover any of their stolen loot?

Although there are numerous stories regarding this type of activity, there is absolutely nothing to substantiate these tales as anything more than romantic rumors.

Q: When did Emmett Dalton get out of prison, what did he do after his outlaw career had ended and how old was he when he died?

After his release from Lansing State Prison, in Kansas, in November 1907, Emmett Dalton relocated to the town of Bartlesville, Indian Territory (Oklahoma), married Julia Ann Johnson, moved to the state of California, became involved in real estate sales, the motion picture industry and died in July 1937 at the age of 66.

Q: Did Emmett Dalton ever have any children?

There is no record of Emmett fathering any children of his own, however, he is known to have raised a step-son dubbed Roy Dalton.

Q: Where are the Daltons buried?

Bob and Grat Dalton were laid to rest in Coffeyville, Kansas' Elmwood Cemetery. Emmett was cremated and his ashes were supposed to have been returned to Kingfisher, Oklahoma for burial.

Q: Are you related to the Dalton gang or the Dalton outlaw family?

I have no knowledge of being related to the Dalton family, the Dalton outlaw gang or any of its members down the line. I am simply intrigued by the story and have been since back in the late 1960's when I first read a article published in a nationally recognized magazine concerning some of their exploits.

Q: How long did the Daltons ride as an outlaw gang?

The Dalton gang which was all but destroyed in the streets of Coffeyville, Kansas on the morning of Wednesday, October 5, 1892 had ridden together for only a few months prior to their demise. However, the gang Robert "Bob" Dalton started which included two of his brothers, Grat and Emmett, according to contemporary records survived the times and the law for a brief 18 months. But it is now known their criminal operations began prior to that suggested time period.

Q: Why did the Dalton brothers form their gang and what was their motivation for robbing banks?

The stories told by Emmett throughout his trial, his incarceration and for all of the years until his death were much the same. He attributed the Daltons "going bad" to the death of one of his older brothers, Frank Dalton. However, after sifting through the rubble left behind by Emmett and closely examining court records, interviews with personal acquaintances and family members and close associates of all available parties concerned, basically it was just something the "boys" decided to do. They were stuck in an economic period in their lives in which nothing seemed to provide them with money enough or a challenge. The brothers became bored with life on the farm and went seeking adventure, but all of this is also ensnared in the love/lust relationships with the two Johnson sisters, Lucy and Julia.

Q: Was Bob Dalton actually the leader of the Dalton outlaw gang?

From outward appearances it has always appeared to be so, but after conducting extensive research into this matter, it is believed Bob Dalton had to answer to a "higher-up" and she was a force with which to be reckoned.

Q: Did Emmett Dalton every write a book about his life as an outlaw?

Not only did he write a book titled: When the Daltons Rode, but he also wrote several magazine articles and was filmed in a couple of re-enactments of the Dalton's raid on the banks of Coffeyville. In fact, shortly after his death, Julia Dalton signed a contract which entitled her to $10,000.00 and the honor of being the "technical supervisor" for a movie called; When the Daltons Rode, starring Randolph Scott. Although the screenplay was of typical Emmett Dalton fiction, it did introduce, at Julia's pleasure and discretion, a couple of female characters whom until that time (1940) were kept secreted away from the general public.

Q: How many times did Julia Dalton marry?

Julia Johnson was married a documented five times. Her name, with all of the husband's names included would have been, Julia Ann Johnson Whiteturkey Gilstrap Lewis Dalton Johnson by the time of her death.

Q: What happened to the personal belongings of Emmett and Julia Dalton after their deaths?

The surviving members of the Dalton family are quite tight lipped on this issue. Apparently they feel the less released for the public to view the better their cause, which is to continue to attempt to make a profit from the escapades of the gang, its members and their immediate families.

Q: Who was Florence Quick?

Florence Quick was just one of the many aliases used by Lucy Johnson, sister of Julia at the times she rode with, prior to and after the Dalton gang's destruction. Lucy was also known as Tom King, Daisy Bryant, Minnie Johnson and by a few other names. She resorted to wearing men's clothing and rode with the Daltons at their debacle in Coffeyville.

Q: Who are Nancy Samuelson and Kith Presland and what are their connections with the Dalton gang?

When I am able to answer that question(s) adequately and feel the need to squander the time, energy and space which it will require to devote to such infantile subject matters and provide an accurate answer, trust me, I will do so.

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