The Day Coffeyville Bled - The Dalton Johnson Gang

Chapter IX - Coincidence

         Coincidence oftentimes is described as a series of events that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have some connection. In relationship to the Dalton/Johnson Gang, the vast number of coincidences did not take place by accident, but were systematically orchestrated to appear as if by accident. Some were performed for the amusement of the perpetrators, and others were calculated from a vengeance point of view. Therefore, the bulk of the coincidental occurrences that took shape during the reign of the Dalton/Johnson group were not accidental but completely fabricated and thoroughly planned to the most minute detail.
         There are, of course, one or two exceptions, as with any rule, but those instances simply spurred an interest to continue the propulsion of time and sequence of events to appear as if they were normal actions in the course of a daily routine. In this scenario, the routine lasted for a period of years starting as early as 1870 and ending in 1947.
         Such actions, which are to be detailed here, had their beginning simply enough with the accidental birth of Julia Ann Johnson, who was granted the privilege of being born on March 5, 1870. This was the birthday of her father, Westley Marion Johnson, and, in retrospect, proved to be the primary factor that would soon generate a large number of further “Dalton/ Johnson coincidences.”
         Throughout the early years of her life, Julia Ann, the youngest daughter, was viewed as the favorite child of this farming man, simply because of her birthright. Sibling pressure from her sister, Lucy Ann, made life that much more intolerable for Julia Ann as resentment grew daily. Finally at an age when the two girls were able to gain some sort of recognition on their own, the path had been woven for the initial setting of disaster to follow each woman. This predestination was controlled from beginning to end and was to run a gamut of experiences shared by many persons.
         The alignment between the Dalton boys and the Johnson girls was formed sometime during the later half of 1888 or early 1889, when all members of these two groups of individuals met in Vinita, Indian Territory. At that first meeting, a fascination was held with the lawless attitude of the Daltons. The Daltons had begun their ways of the outlaw life with the killing of Charles Montgomery in August 1888, which was followed by a series of minor infractions from which they boasted of their unfounded abilities. These boasts of daring and courage were what the Johnson girls found so inviting....(click here for more chapter previews)

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