The Day Coffeyville Bled - The Dalton Johnson Gang


  1. Myrtle Abendroth, Drighton, Kansas.
  2. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Beverly       Hills, California.
  3. A. I. D. Consulting Engineers, Dallas, Texas.
  4. Portia Albert, Topeka, Kansas.
  5. Winthrop Ames & Florence A. Doody, What Shall We
      Name the Baby (1935).
  6. Anadarko Area Educational Office, Anadarko, Oklahoma.
  7. Arkansas City Public Library, Arkansas City, Kansas.
  8. Jacqueline Banfield, Sherman, Texas.
  9. John Banta, Alameda, California.
10. Mamie Barker, Romona, Oklahoma.
11. Lui Barndollar, Coffeyville, Kansas.
12. Bartlesville Area History Museum and Archives, Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
13. Bartlesville County Clerk’s Office, Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
14. Bartlesville District Clerk’s Office, Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
15. Bartlesville Examiner, Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
16. Bartlesville Historical Society, Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
17. Bartlesville Independent School District #30, Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
18. Bartlesville Public Library, Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
19. Bellevue Memorial Park, Ontario, California.
20. Susan Berry, Silver City, New Mexico.
21. Cindy Blackburn, Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
22. LeAnn Blackmon, RRA, Pueblo, Colorado.
23. Burdena Benway, Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
24. Boze-Mitchell Funeral Home, Waxahachie, Texas.
25. Paul Westley Branden, Weatherford, Oklahoma.
26. Marley Bryant, Burbank, California.
27. Bob Brown, Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
28. Wanda Brown Branham, Collinsville, Oklahoma.
29. British Film Institute Library, London, England.
30. Arden Brugger, Jacksonville, Florida.
31. Karyl Buffington, Coffeyville, Kansas.
32. Bureau of Vital Statistics, Sacramento, California.
33. Bureau of Vital Statistics, Jefferson City, Missouri.
34. Bureau of Vital Statistics, Austin, Texas

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