The Day Coffeyville Bled - The Dalton Johnson Gang

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         By the time Julia Ann Johnson died in 1943, she was known to have used a long list of names or pseudonyms. Presented here is a comprehensive list of those names, the dates when these identities were first conceived or recognized, and the purposes that were attributed to their usages:

Julia Ann Johnson: was the name given to the second female child born to Westley Marion and Martha M. (Sparks) Johnson, on March 5, 1870. Julia was named for her father’s youngest sister, Julia’s aunt, Julia Ann Johnson, and Julia’s older sister, Lucy, had been named for her father’s mother, Lucy (Holeman) Johnson, Julia and Lucy’s grandmother.

Julia Ann Whiteturkey: was the first married name Julia acquired when she took up residency with Whiteturkey Simon. The U.S. Government reversed Whiteturkey’s names on their Dawes Census records, and his first name became his last. This marriage would have taken place in the year 1886 and lasted approximately eight months.

Julia Ann Gilstrap: was the name Julia acquired when in 1887 she wed Robert Gilstrap, the first of her husbands to die violently; Gilstrap was killed by Frank Lenno on Christmas Eve, 1889, near the Jacob Bartles store, in what is now Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Julia Ann Lewis: Julia received the last name of Lewis from her husband, Robert Ernest Lewis, who was shot and killed by Fred Keeler on November 16, 1907, in the Uno Joint in Bartlesville, Indian Territory. The next day, Oklahoma was to become a state....(click here for more chapter previews)

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